Guess what time it is???


…it’s time for another WOFB 12-week “GET YOUR BODY CALENDAR-READY” challenge!!

For those who are new to this contest, this 12-week challenge is an opportunity to take your physique to new heights – to get that body you’re always saying you will have one day or to just get into better shape!!  NOW IS THE TIME!

The challenge strategically ends before the start of beach season so take advantage of this opportunity to prepare for that bathing suit waiting in your closet.

Although the culmination of this journey ends with a photo shoot and a spot in our yearly calendar, this contest is NOT ABOUT VANITY OR SUPERFICIALITY. It’s about focus, determination, discipline & hard work…it’s about deciding to do something and busting your butt to get it done, no matter what… it’s about setting a goal, accomplishing it and realizing how empowering and satisfying that process is…. it’s about the betterment of YOU – physically and MENTALLY! Although we promote this challenge as one lasting only 12 weeks, the hope and ultimate goal is that after 3 months of sticking to good habits, this “short” lifestyle becomes a permanent one.

As with every year, this year’s challenge has an extra element of SURPRISE! The final reward of your hard work will earn you more than a photo shoot and a feature in our calendar… More details to come!!

Challenge starts Sunday, February 22, 2015 and ends 12 weeks later, on Saturday, May 16, 2015.
Photo shoot is the following Sunday, May 17th!

Body fat measurements and “before” photos will be taken the weekend of Saturday, Feb 21 & Sunday, Feb 22. PLEASE bring your camera/phone if you wish to have your own “before” photo, as I will not email any photos afterwards.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Fill out a registration form located in the bootcamp office – forms will be available as of Friday, Feb 13;

2. Pay the registration fee of $50 which includes a meal plan, 2 sets of body fat measurements (pre- & post- challenge), extra weekend workouts, daily motivational tips, recipes, photoshoot (if selected), and a wonderful support system throughout the journey!

2. Choose a time slot for your measurements and photos. You will choose from either Saturday, Feb 21 or Sunday, Feb 22, between 8-10am on both days – that form will also be in the office. You must be in a 2-piece outfit for the photo.

3. Collect your grocery list, meal plan & a workout schedule after you have your measurements and photo taken.

Have a great week!

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    Woot Woot, can’t wait.


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    Woooooo Hooooo 👏👏👏


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