Age: 27

Profession: Insurance Coordinator

When did I first start training at WOFB: I believe it was August of 2013

How did I hear about you: Through my start of wanting to get healthier – I kept searching for a place that would help jumpstart me and I came upon Lorraine’s Instagram @wofb, @lorrainehaddad.

Sports and Fitness background: Played baseball as a kid, did dance classes, and thought the elliptical was working out, haha

Favorite workout: Without a doubt heavy weighted squats and donkey kicks with the smith machine! That struggle with the heavier weight but that accomplished feeling after you’ve finished the sets – powerful! !

Least favorite: Running and burpees! !! I swear, I think when you go to hell, that’s what it consists of-endless burpees for the rest of your existence ! Lol

Changes in my body: EVERYTHING!! I now look at food and being healthy a different way. I used to just want to be skinny and have a flat stomach- now I’m all about being healthy and fit!!! It’s become an addiction every little progress I make. Now I really know how the foods I put in my body affect my body. I know now how to properly take care of body through what I put into it and by how I work it out. I have honestly never felt so good about myself before starting WOFB. I went from a size 16 to just the other day buying a size 4 in jeans! And I have made such great lifelong friendships as well not only sith other ladies in the class but my coaches have become like siblings. The best decision I ever made for myself was joining WOFB!!!

GREAT JOB JESSICA!!!  The changes we have witnessed in your physique, performance and attitude towards healthy living  make us SO proud!!  You have earned this title of STUDENT OF THE MONTH through your hard work and dedication…KEEP IT UP!!

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