SOLE SISTERS…and a winner will be crowned!



SOLE SISTERS, we’re taking it to the beach this Saturday… South Beach! We’re going to meet at 5th and Ocean. There is lots of parking around there and it’s free at 7am. If you are attending this scenic and invigorating run, PLEASE RSVP here and let us know! See you then!

BIGGEST LOSER final weigh ins are this Saturday.  We will be there between 8 – 8:30am to weigh you in.  Looking forward to it!!

2 Responses to “SOLE SISTERS…and a winner will be crowned!”

  1. Mariela Says:

    I am RSVP for this run! Is there anyone who is carpooling. Let me know. I am willing to drive to their house and leave from there. I live by the gym


    • Tiffany Aragon Says:

      I am RSVP for the run too and I live close to the gym too if you want to meet me there and we go in my car. My number is 786-357-5196 let me know 🙂


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