IT’S BACK!!!  That’s right!  Time for another intense workout in the dark!



1.  How much is the GLOW WORKOUT?

In an effort to amass some food for our Thanksgiving FOOD DRIVE…

Members (intro & elite) – $25, includes glow kit

Members (intro & elite) – $15, includes glow kit, PLUS 10 or more canned goods/edible non-perishables

Member’s friend who has never been a WOFB member – FREE, but does not include glow kit ($10 extra)

Masters Members – FREE

2.  When is the GLOW WORKOUT?

Wednesday, Oct 29 @ 7:30 pm (get there early to showcase your costume and register)


3. What about my regularly scheduled class?

All evening classes will be cancelled on Wednesday, Oct 29, HOWEVER, you can attend the Thursday evening classes or another class of your choice to make up for the cancelled class.


4.  Where is the GLOW WORKOUT?

The workout will be at the WOFB/FFA facility.


5.  What are the details of the costume contest?

Get creative and fun!  A team of judges will cast their votes and choose the winning costume.  It will be based on originality and effort.  Winning costumes will earn cash and other fun surprises.


6.  What is the GLOW WORKOUT?

Get ready for an intense & fun workout…IN THE DARK.  But don’t worry, it won’t be too dark that you can’t see what you’re doing.  There will be a DJ spinning music, among other cool features! (don’t want to spoil all the fun!)
You will be briefed on what you have to do beforehand.  Each participant is required to wear the glow kit.


7.  Who can attend the GLOW WORKOUT? 

The GLOW WORKOUT is open to ALL bootcamp members.  We are limiting the workout to the first 40 people (including friends) to register.  You must RSVP and pay to reserve your spot.  One friend can join you, as long as the friend has never been a bootcamp member.


8.  How do I register?

You can register with Coach Lorraine until Thursday night.  On and after this Friday, you can register by calling 305-225-4610 after 4pm.

7 Responses to “HALLOWEEN GLOW WORKOUT 3!!!”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    Where do we RSVP

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Marisa Humphrey Says:

    Put me down! And my friend jessica benavides! Thanks!


  3. Mariela Says:

    I am registering today!


  4. Gloria M Alvarez Says:

    I’m not getting regular updates anymore. Why?


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