We’re hitting up the beautiful KEY BISCAYNE bridge this Saturday at 7am.
If you want to join us for the 1st time and want to carpool, comment below, otherwise, we’ll see you there for a refreshing, intense and fun run!


WOFB in collaboration with Susan G. Komen, CUBA OCHO and various clothing and jewelry designers will be hosting their first ever fundraiser for breast cancer via a FASHION SHOW this Saturday, June 7th @ 8pm!  Our calendar models will be walking the runway, modeling various fashions to help raise money for breast cancer, and more specifically, to help our fellow boot camper Ana Medina Montero with her battle.  Collectively, we CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Here is poster with all the info.  PLEASE SHARE & spread the word!




4 Responses to “FIT TO FIGHT!!”

  1. Dora Suarez Says:

    I’m going to try to make it to Key Biscayne Run this Saturday but will take my own car. Thank you.


  2. jennifer serna Says:

    I miss you guys so much. I moved to Colorado ;-( you guys never seem to surprise me how beautiful you are by providing your love to the community… there is no place like FFA! i love you guys and miss you…..


    • Rima Avellan Says:

      Awwwww, that was sooooo sweet! Thank you love!! Sad that you moved away =( You have a beautiful family, congrats on the new addition!!! Wish you all the best! ❤


  3. Says:

    I would love to go!


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