My lady warriors….DAY 73



For the CALENDAR CHALLENGERS, we will be releasing the names today.  We were waiting on a couple of girls for their “after” photos and measurements.

Just a side note….you are ALL winners.  If you were honest and faithful in your commitment to a better you over the past 12 weeks, and focused on the goals you set out for yourself, then a HUGE pat on the back for you.

The challenge has ONE GOAL:

TO PROMOTE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE by instilling good habits of healthy eating & regular exercise in hopes of them sticking as part of your daily routine AFTER 12 weeks.
If this worked, or at least if it sparked a curiosity for you to want to learn how to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, then you’ve won!


This Saturday, May 31st, join us for a fun and sweaty workout at the Tropical Park track.  Your body will thank you!
Be there at 7am – bring your water, good running shoes and a winning attitude!


Rima Avellan

One Response to “My lady warriors….DAY 73”

  1. Mariela Says:

    C;mon Rima!!!! keeping us waiting ;-(


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