The final measurements are in and the AFTER photos have been taken.  I will update everyone with their progress ASAP.


CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on their efforts, dedication and persistence.  These challenges are not designed to be easy.  But that’s what makes them a success…




That is all there is to it.  No magic, no shortcuts, no secret meal plan, etc…  If you want better results, you MUST work a little harder (lift heavier, push more, add an extra workout in, etc..), exercise a little more discipline and be consistent.


Once the 12 girls are selected for the calendar, those same girls, as well as another 12 (a total of 24 girls) will be invited to participate in our 1st ever FASHION SHOW to help benefit breast cancer research & awareness, as well as financially assist our bootcamper, Ana, a breast cancer fighter!!
It will be a blast – door prizes, auction, free drinks, live music, dancing, etc.  Bring your family and friends, and join us for an amazing evening!



Before the reward there must be labor.
You plant before you harvest.
You sow in tears before you reap joy.
Ralph Ransom



One Response to “DAY 76 – TIME TO EVALUATE…”

  1. Marla Says:

    Sounds like so much fun!! Hope to be there in support of my WOFB family! ❤


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