DAY 67 – …getting closer!!!!!



1.  SOLE SISTERS run will be at 97th Ave & Flagler, at the school.  You can park in front of school.  It’s a nice, straight run with some incline – there’s a bridge!  Remember, it’s on SUNDAY @ 7am this weekend.

2.  CALENDAR CHALLENGERS – our last workout is this Saturday.  GO OUT WITH A BANG!!!!!!!!!  Remember to RSVP here for either 7am or 8am…..and then show up!!!!!
…17 days to go before the photo shoot.  As mentioned, it will be fitness-themed this year.  Models will be selected 10 days out to allow for better preparation.  You will be emailed a photo of what will be expected for the calendar so you can also better prepare.  I will keep you posted about hair, make up and outfits!


24 Responses to “DAY 67 – …getting closer!!!!!”

  1. Carlyn Says:

    Carlyn 7am


  2. sonia Says:

    8a.m for me..thanks


  3. Abigail Bert Says:

    Can’t make it to the last workout 😦 have fun ladies


  4. Jackie Moussa-Johnson Says:

    Jackie MJ 8am ❤
    Lady Godiva (Gigi) 8am
    Cathy 8am 🙂


  5. vanessa Says:

    Vanessa sunday 🙂 7:00am sole sister


  6. Adriana baldwin Says:

    Ill be there Saturday at 8am


  7. Marisa Humphrey Says:

    8am please!


  8. Vicky framil Says:

    Hi Rima,
    Put me down for 8 am. See you there


  9. Rachel Ferradaz Says:

    7am for me!


  10. Lisette Rivera Says:

    I Will be there 8 am. Hopefully injury free this time 🙂


  11. Cindy Melo Says:

    RSVP Sonia L & Cindy for 7am


  12. Lissette Mejia Says:

    7 am for Elsa & Lissette


  13. Dora Suarez Says:

    Hi Rima, I think you have me down for 7:00am tomorrow, but I woke up feeling meh. I may be coming down with something. I think it may be best I sit this one out 😦 and hope that I can run this Sunday. I’ll be there in spirit. xoxo


  14. Mariela Says:

    Natalie Z and I for 8 a.m. thanks! 😉


  15. Esmeralda Says:

    Ill be there at 7am- Esmeralda 🙂


  16. Ivette Martinez Says:

    8am please 🙂


  17. Yeney Ramos Says:

    Sorry Rima, could you change me for 8 am . Thank you


  18. Janet Gomez Says:

    7 for me please…


  19. Ana Saenz Says:

    Mrs. Rima RSVP this Saturday Ana c. Saenz at 8:00 a.m.


  20. Lillie S Says:

    7:00 am please


  21. lesley chen Says:

    7am please!!


  22. Ivette Martinez Says:

    Rima so sorry missed workout- I’ve had an eye infection since Tuesday even with meds eye still bloodshot and spread to other, I look pretty horrific and I can’t see a thing without contacts. Crappy week-


  23. Cubaocho Art and Research Center Says:

    Hi Rima could you send me you logo, aim working on the invitation for the Fashion show.

    Thank you

    Yeney F. Ramos | Director

    Roberto Ramos | President

    Cubaocho Art and Research Center

    1465 SW 8th Street Suite 106 & 107 | Miami Fl, 33135

    Phone: 305-285-5880


    Tuesdays trough Thursdays 12:00 am to 9:00 pm

    Fridays & Saturdays 1:00pm to 3:00am

    Description: Description: Description: facebook Description: Description: Description: twitter

    If you no longer wish to receive mailings from Cubaocho Art and Research Center, please use this link to unsubscribe.


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