DAY 65 – Time to take it up a notch!!


OK ladies, if you’re part of this CALENDAR CHALLENGE, you have about 18 days to go – time to switch up the self-discipline into high gear!  A lot can be done in almost 3 weeks!
This doesn’t mean starving yourself or over training, this just means that the little “cheats” you may have been allowing yourself, or the “lazy” days of putting off your scheduled workout, are OVER!  We’re almost there!  Hang in there.

Let’s get back into the habit of posting on our Facebook events page.  Many of you were benefitting from this practice.  It may be hard to find the page now but it’s listed in “past events”.  It won’t allow me to change the start date to bump it back up to a recent event but it’s still there and active.  From here on, I am proposing this:

For the remainder of the challenge, I NEED you to do this daily:

Post on there (first thing in the morning) and tell me what you want to work on improving and focus on that for the entire day.
It could be “, I am going to drink more water – I need to get 9 cups in!”   OR
“…today, I want to do 30 military push ups without a break.” OR
“…today, I am exercising more peace & patience, I am not going to raise my voice at all, all day!” (LOL!) OR
“…today, I am only checking INSTAGRAM for a total of 5 minutes.”

You can post pics throughout the day and/or give us feedback as to how it’s going, how it’s helped, how you are managing, etc..

Make several reminders for yourself, on your phone, sticky notes, computer, etc… and make it a focus for the day.  It’s fun and productive…and having goals to attain is what life is about!

Next (and last) calendar challenge is this Saturday, May 17th.  Please RSVP your time, either 7am or 8am.


SOLE SISTERS will meet this Sunday.  Stay tuned for meeting place.

One of my favorites…


Enjoy your day!

Rima =)

29 Responses to “DAY 65 – Time to take it up a notch!!”

  1. Dora Suarez Says:

    Please sign me up for the 7:00am on Saturday. Thank you, Dora.


  2. Vanessa Nieto Says:



  3. Cristina Cordero Says:

    8am please! 🙂


  4. Jackie Moussa-Johnson Says:

    8am for me (Jackie MJ)
    8am also for Marcia and GiGi


  5. Yvette Puentes Says:

    I’ll be there at 8:00 am


  6. Jessica red) Says:

    8am please. Red


  7. Ana Montero Says:

    I’ll be there at 7 am.


  8. Grettel Says:



  9. lynnpadrome Says:

    Lynn & Maria cancel 7am


  10. Isadora Velazquez Says:

    I’ll be there at 8:00 am. Thanks Rima!


  11. Florence Says:

    I’ll be there at 8am 🙂


  12. christinevicens Says:

    8 AM please!


  13. Sonia Roemro Says:

    8am for me please … Thanks!


  14. Abigail Bert Says:

    8am please


  15. Denysse Says:

    7 am


  16. Denysse Says:

    7 am please


  17. Barbie Bernaldo Says:

    7am please


  18. Evelyn Says:

    At 7 for me


  19. Viviana Aspuru Says:

    Hi Rima. 7:00 for me.


  20. Lissette Mejia Says:

    Elsa & Lissette for 7:00 am. Thanks


  21. Ana Saenz Says:

    Mrs. Rima RSVP May 17, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. For Ana C Saenz


  22. Cindy Melo Says:

    Hi Rima 🙂 RSVP for Sonia L and Me @ 7am


  23. Anakiel R Says:

    7am fo rme please


  24. Yeney Ramos Says:

    7 am Please. Thank you


  25. Lady Godiva Says:

    I’m still in!!


  26. Janet Gomez Says:

    7 for me please…


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