Important skill to survive any fitness challenge & reach your goal….PREPARE FOR THE “PUSHERS”!

There will always be people who try to persuade you to go off your diet “just this once”.  Most of the time, it’s those you see often.  I’m sure you’ve heard it before, “Oh come on, just a little bite; it won’t hurt your diet”, or “Just one little sip, there’s hardly any calories in that!”.  And “just this once” becomes time and time again.  Where do you draw the line??  IMMEDIATELY!   You either need to distance yourself from these people or have a serious talk with them about your fitness goals & efforts. YOU NEED TO PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN!  Think about it…why do people want you to see you fail?  They are either jealous of your will power and ambition, disrespectful of your seriousness and efforts and/or unhappy in their own situation.

Peer pressure doesn’t end when you get older, unfortunately; it’s part of life and is ever-present among friends and family….especially those who correlate happiness with food (most of us).  One solution can be to plan non-food activities with loved ones (bowling, the movies, walks) and work hard to resist temptation when you’re in an environment where food is part of the festivities.  It’s ONLY 12 weeks!  Well, almost 10 now.

……and keep this thought in mind….MISERY LOVES COMPANY (and nobody wants to be miserable!).



LADIES, the 7am CLASS IS FULL.  I still have room in the 8am.

But as of now, 9:50am,  we are not accepting anymore people in the 7am class.


YOGA this Saturday at 8:45am has been cancelled.





9 Responses to “DAY 12….SURVIVAL TIP #1”

  1. diana collins Says:

    Ohhhh… I had forgotten to sign up, I’ll do the 8 am class then… thanks Rima


  2. Lili S. Says:

    The best thing about living a healthy lifestyle is that people just stop pushing. it takes a while, but then people just “KNOW” you will not indulge in the fried chicken or the pork chops :0) Peace and love to all!!! I miss my BC ladies, be back soon!


  3. Lili S. Says:

    I guess I will do 8am then!


  4. Marla Says:

    This is so true!! My family used to push me to eat their Cuban food, which we know is NOT a healthy lifestyle! But now they finally understand the healthy lifestyle I’m trying to maintain and don’t make me feel bad if I say no to the arroz con pollo or carne con papa and instead have brown rice with grilled chicken!


  5. Yvette Puentes Says:

    Can you please sign me up for 8:00 a.m.

    Thank you.


  6. Yvette Puentes Says:

    Rima, Is there a place on that I can find a calendar with all the class schedules? I am going have to readjust my class schedules.


  7. Veyra Says:

    Please i dont know if im late for
    Tomorrow at 8 am ……


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