DAY 1 of a new lifestyle has begun!


That’s right.
Today is DAY 1 of implementing new habits to a better you…forever!  More so, Mondays are not to be dreaded!  Embrace this day as a kick start to living a healthy week and smashing your workouts!!!



This was MEAL 1 for today.  I had my glass of water and coffee, my 1/2 cup oats (with water) + cinnamon, scrambled eggs (1 whole egg and 4 whites), 1 tomato, sliced. Pretty good and filling.

OK, another great idea for success..


It’s a fun and effective way to keep track of your progress and stay on track…  this goes for anyone with a goal, not just the calendar challenge.  Since a goal must have an end date, I like to print up as many blank calendars as I need to meet the goal deadline.  In this case, I have printed up 3 blank calendars, March, April & May.  I put them up on my wall and cross out each day as I conquer it!

I’m very visual so this works well for me – it keeps me very motivated, especially when I can see how many days I have left and how far I’ve come.  When you think about it on a larger scale, 90 days is such a tiny amount of time in our lifetimes – especially for something that will bring such huge rewards!

You should try this!  You can print them up at

Have a wonderful day!

Rima Avellan

2 Responses to “DAY 1 of a new lifestyle has begun!”

  1. Gigi Says:

    How much of a carb equals 1 medium sweet potatoe?


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