Weekend’s events…



CALENDAR CHALLENGE – This weekend (Sat& Sun) we have our initial assessments for the calendar challenge -> body fat measurements and “before” photos.  Make sure to register before this Friday at 9pm and reserve your time slot with Coach Lo.  Also, bring your 2-piece outfits & your camera/phone if you want your own “before” photo so you can track your progress over the next 12 weeks.

SOLE SISTERS – This Saturday at FIU (garage) get ready for a heart-pumping, breath-taking, sweaty workout!  Be there at 6:59am!


4 Responses to “Weekend’s events…”

  1. Ivette Martinez Says:

    Any chance we can have a make-up for
    Measurements and pics? Had sick babes all weekend? Thanks!


  2. Deysi Mas Says:

    I like to be on the calendar, i wanna see how i would look on it.


  3. Deysi Mas Says:

    i want to participate in calendar , because the work out is 10 times as harder…


  4. Sara Says:

    Rima plz put me for 8am


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