I guess you can call this another rant…

I am so tired of witnessing people get mislead by the media on how to be healthy.  I was browsing the internet and saw this:


I mean, really??  There is so much wrong with this article, I don’t know where to start!!

For one, I’m pretty sure it takes more than 6 minutes to get fit.  No, actually I AM sure.

Next, exercise may help burn calories, but if you’re eating cheeseburgers everyday, there’s no exercise in the world that will get rid of cellulite. They always seem to forget to mention that part.

Plus, I don’t see any weights or any type of resistance in their workout!  The movements are OK, I guess…. If you want to be flapping your legs around for 6 minutes a day and then wonder why you’re not seeing any changes – why your booty isn’t getting rounder or firmer.
For all the ladies out there:  There is no reason why we shouldn’t be training in the gym like men.  Man muscle is not superhuman tissue.  Our muscles are made up of the same cells.  They respond to the same stimulus and require the same fuel.  HOWEVER, (a big however) you will not get as big!!!  Do not worry about this.  Why??  We don’t have TESTOSTERONE!  Testosterone is a fat burning hormone that plays a key role in building muscle.  Men have 7-8 times more testosterone than women, so rest assured.
Do not fear the weights and find joy in discovering your power.


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