DAY 2…


Hey everyone!

It’s DAY 2 of this beautiful new year and I’m wondering who has taken the time to sit down and…

1. Write down some goals for 2014
(don’t look at them as New Year’s Resolutions!).
2. Evaluate 2013 and see what the highlights were, what can be improved, etc.
3. Update your plan of attack for the goals you already had coming into this new year.


What’s in store for this weekend?

224610_187328001315557_1308128_n SOLE SISTERS – This Saturday, Dec 4 we tackle the beautiful Biscayne Bay bridge at 7am.  If you want to carpool, let me know here, in the comments below, and we can meet at FFA at 6:30am .

yoga-girl-by-sunset-prev     YOGA – This Saturday at 8:45am, we have YOGA with Cara!  You will never know how much yoga can enhance your life until you try it!  Your body will thank you!!  Especially if you are serious about your fitness, you can improve your performance and prevent debilitating injury with an hour of yoga per week!  If you are not registered, you can try out the class for $10/month, NO CONTRACT!




Fitness Scavenger Hunt!  Details coming SOON!

IT WILL BE A BLAST – fun way to kick off 2014!!!!!!

One Response to “DAY 2…”

  1. Marla Says:

    Excited for the fitness scavenger hunt!! Happy new year!


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