I can’t express enough THANKS to each and every single one of you who donated this past weekend.  Together, we raised $6000.00 to help our girl Yajaira.
She was extremely happy and grateful!  This is what she wrote on Facebook:

“I really… just don’t even know what to say.  I appreciate everyone’s pure generosity and care, and a facebook comment couldnt even begin to show it.
Thank you to everyone.  Lorraine Haddad thank you so much.  Coach Tulio Quintanilla.. thank you. I want to name everyone but the list of people
I owe my thanks to is clearly long. My gratitude for everyones time and effort is unending…. this was very unexpected. Just… thanks. To everyone… thank you.”


Our Top Donors:
Lorraine Haddad = $500
Avellan Parents = $500
Israel Montanez = $300
Osman Ramos = $300
Maritza Diaz = $250
Kevin Perez = $250
Jamal Clinton = $200
Chris Guadarrama = $200
Ryan Vespe = $200
Angelo D’Alessandro = $200
Troy Gray = $150
Andrew Bert = $150
Tulio Quintanilla = $150
Mangual Family = $130
Monique Sciberras = $111
Villazon Family = $105
Gloria Alvarez = $100
Nataliia Sitay = $100
Berman Lezama = $100
Kathy Garrote = $100
Justo Diaz de Arce = $100
Giovanni Stewart = $100
Elle Moliere = $100
Augusto Arnesen = $60
Jeffrey Urbri = $50
Rhonda Billie = $50
Chawndra Billie = $50
Brian Simril = $50
Jivesh Khemlani = $50
Jorge Alvarez = $50
Hector Saldana = $50
Maria Cancel = $50
Che Moreno = $50
Yvette Martinez = $50
Luis Hernandez = $50
Jason Soares = $50

And we had plenty of donations that were under $50 which were from Jessica Giraldo, Jonathan Ramos, Edwin Gomez Lopez, Danny Vega, Cesar Jordan, Jason Rosado, Shane Rawluk, Alejandro Fraga, Jackie Gonzalez, Eugene Correa, Ismael Allends, Jesse Lopez, Ana Iris Mendez, Mariela Torrealba, Grettel Martinez, Marissa Humphrey, Francheska Portuondo, Jennifer Hidalgo, Esmeralda Zuniga, Monica Cabrera, Gabriela Rodriguez, Eva Repetti, Maria Vacas, Zuly Garcia, Annmarie Ojeda, Gregory Gomez, Florence Frantoff, Miguel Calixto, Diana Collins, Alex Maya, Richie Fernandez, Ali Qureshi, Miriam Gonzalez, Denysse Novas, William Gonzelez, Natalia Arostegui, Cupcakes by MarLa, Raquel Martinez, Clarence Chaney, Maria Eugenia Iglesias, Camilo Petkoff, Dora Suarez, Johanna Vila, Rosalyn Trabanco, Rey Suarez, Vicky Fernandez, Devin Genchi, Edgard Plazaola, Don Linneman, Edir Terry, and Lenny Maggio.

Once again, thanks to the instructors that donated over three hours of time working on Saturday, which include: Rey Suarez, Devin Genchi, Edgard Plazaola, Jason Soares, Donald Linneman, Che Moreno, Kevin Perez, Lorraine Haddad, Edir Terry, and Alex Maya.

If you donated and don’t see your name on the list, please message me so I can make sure your donation has been accounted for. Thank you EVERYONE! I’m very proud to be a part of this team.


This week’s schedule:




It’s THURSDAY, NOV 28th, at 7:30AM.  You can choose between a 5K or a 10K, but either way, it’s a great way to start your Thanksgiving Day!


HAVE A GREAT WEEK…..and make each second count!


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