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Weekend fun….and not-so-fun foot pain!

October 17, 2013

Hey ladies!!

This Saturday we walk/run to help raise awareness for breast cancer.   The race starts at 8:30 am at Bayfront Park.
If you have registered with our team, here are the details…

WE WILL MEET AT FFA at 6:45 am SHARP to make sure we all have shirts/packets and get one huge group photo!   (Please inform us if you cannot meet at FFA.)

From there, we can carpool to the Metro Station at Dadeland, since parking there may be challenging.

I am still waiting for the shirts.  They may be ready after 4 pm, I will confirm once I know more.   They are selling for $12 each, almost half of which will be donated to the Susan G. Komen fund ($5 per shirt).

Lorraine has picked up your packet if you requested so, and they are at FFA.


I’m hearing it a lot these days so I decided to share some info about it….

It starts with a dull pain in your heel or on the bottom of your foot, then progresses to a stabbing pain with weight bearing.  The pain worsens when you take your first steps in the morning or with prolonged running, walking and/or standing.  If this is you, you may be suffering from PLANTAR FASCIITIS.
The plantar fascia is a flat, thick band of tissue that connects your heel to your toes.

Unknown    r7_fasciitis

It supports the arch of your foot and may get irritated if:

-you pronate too much when you walk/run (roll your foot inward)
-have high arches or flat feet
-walk, stand or run for long periods
-are overweight
-wear improper shoes
-have tight calf muscles

It is common in runners and women in menopause. (Go figure!!)

Treatment should be aimed at the cause such as putting arch supports in your shoes, weight loss as needed, appropriate footwear, rest, stretching your calves and lower extremities.  You can also help reduce the pain with ice, while you stretch and massage the area with a frozen bottle of water.  Roll the bottle under your foot for a few minutes as you apply pressure.

You can also stretch the fascia by keeping the heel on the ground and stretching the toes up on the wall.


Have a fabulous day,