Age: 40

Operations Director. I manage the Ops for a health Insurance company called Best Doctors.

Number of children and year of birth:

2 children. My son was born in 2007 and my daughter was born in 2011.  


When did you first start training at Women Only Fitness Bootcamp and how did you find out about us?
I started training in early 2008 after I had my son. I found BC online while doing searches about this type of training in my area.

Tell us about your sports & fitness background:

I always loved working out. I registered in a gym when I turned 15 years old and have been exercising since then. I always liked outdoor activities like running, playing volleyball, etc.


Favorite Workout:
My favorite work-out is when we do full body circuit training.

Least Favorite Workout:  
Upper body, especially pull-ups and clean and jerks.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting WOFB?
I have seen many changes in my body since I joined WOFB.  For starters, my body is a lot more toned than it used to be.  I’ve also lost a lot of body fat and the few pounds I needed to drop.  In addition, I deal with a lot of stress at work and from the kids, however BC is my way of eliminating/managing stress.The workouts also help me feel energized and motivated every day.  I feel I can concentrate more in my work activities and have mental endurance.Finally, working out helps me have a positive outlook about things in life instead of worrying too much about things I cannot control/change.

I love BootCamp and I am very appreciative to Lorraine and you Rima, for their motivation and inspiration to get better each day.


SOLE SISTERS:  Tomorrow at FIU garage at 6:59 am!  Will be a fun session as we tackle some speed & strength drills

BREAST CANCER RUN:  Saturday, Oct 19 is the Susan G. Komen.  Our team has been registered and the t-shirts have been ordered.  T-shirts will sell for $12 each of which $5 from each shirt will be donated to the breast cancer foundation!




THURSDAY, OCT 24th – evening GLOW WORKOUT!!  More details to come!

4 Responses to “OCTOBER 2013 FEATURE…”

  1. Gabriela Rivera Says:

    Very nice!!!

    Gabby Rivera Sent from iPhone


  2. Lili S. Says:

    ooh, I love the profile! Go Elizabeth!


  3. Marla Says:

    way to go!

    Rima, when/where can we purchase the shirts?


  4. Dora Suarez Says:

    Love this.


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