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October 2, 2013

…about one of my favorites….SPOT-REDUCING!

Ladies, YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE.  What exactly does that mean?  You can’t lose weight in one specific area by exercising it to death, is what I’m talking about.

For example (and a very common one), you can’t get 6-pack abs by doing 1000 crunches per day, err day!  Although your stomach will get stronger and you will improve your muscular endurance, you can’t get rid of the overlying fat by doing crunches – which is what’s stopping us from seeing your washboard stomach!  You will often see ads that say “Abs are made in the kitchen!” and what they’re trying to say is EAT BETTER!  Fat loss starts with food…what and how much you’re eating!


If you look back at a day’s worth of eating, you will realize quickly that you would have to be spending hours in the gym to burn off all the calories you’ve consumed.  This is not realistic for most of us.  If you are eating clean, and within an allowance of calories that will help you reach your goal, whether it be to lose fat or get leaner, you will see results.  YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT AND FAITHFUL!  There are no shortcuts!

NOW your body is genetically predisposed to storing fat in certain locations in a certain order.  When you start to lose weight, your body will lose the fat you currently have in a certain order as well – it might come off your arms first, then your legs, then your belly, then your chest, and THEN your butt. Or in a different order, depending on your personal genetic makeup.  No amount of “targeted” exercise can change that!

I’ll even go further and let you in on a little secret….WANT TO MAKE FAT DISAPPEAR EVEN FASTER???
EAT RIGHT, eat the correct amounts and STRENGTH train, not with targeted exercises, but with big compound movements, e.g squats, that recruit lots of muscle and thus force your body to rebuild lots of muscle, which requires extra calories burned, even after the workout is done.


SOLE SISTERS, we will be tackling our friend, the bridge, this weekend.  If you’ve never run the Key Biscayne bridge, now is the time to do it!!!  But be warned – it may fuel an  addiction for which we are not responsible!!  Saturday, Oct 5 at 7am SHARP, we will be meeting at the Key Biscayne bridge in the parking lot before the start of the bridge.