tip of the day…June 11, 2012



What a great weekend behind us!  Let’s keep the momentum going with an even better week!!


Six weeks behind us, 6 more weeks of clean eating, exercise and feeling awesome to go!!!  As one of the bootcampers mentioned to me last week, the real challenge is doing all this after the 12 weeks are up!  SO TRUE!  Think about it, that is what a lifestyle change is all about!!  You don’t have to be crazy strict, but if you can achieve clean eating 5 days out of 7 and get a regular weekly exercise routine going, you’re on top!

1.  Once we have taken all the mid-way pics (after tonight), we will be reviewing the photos and altering the meal plans as needed.  Some of you may have to slow down on the carb intake while others may have to increase the amount you’re eating overall!!  We will keep you posted via email.

2.  The next set of workouts will be 2 weekends in a row, June 23 & 24, as well as the following weekend, June 30 & July 1st.  This way we can get our 6th workout in the weekend before the final photo shoot, on July 14 & 15.

For the newcomers, we have our very own running group called SOLE SISTERS.  We meet once weekly and run!  This group is for runners of all fitness levels.  We have short runs, long runs, speed work, beach runs, etc…  It’s a great opportunity to get an extra workout in during the week, as well as to improve your running game!

The next running meet is tomorrow, Tuesday, June 13 @ 7pm, at Tropical Park.  We will meet by the hill.

So you love to run but you want to go faster!!  How?  Here are some tips on improving your running speed:

1.  Resisted running.  This one is a no-brainer…  the faster you can run with what feels like a lead weight in your pants, the faster you will run without it.

2.  Interval training.  Sprint, walk, sprint, walk… for example, 100m sprint, 1 min walking, repeat.

3.  Strengthening your legs.  The stronger your legs are, the faster you can move them.  The best exercises for running legs are explosive ones, such as box jumps, power cleans, squats, etc.


Your Bootcamp Crew!

3 Responses to “tip of the day…June 11, 2012”

  1. Marisa Humphrey Says:

    Hi. Is tomorrow at 6 or 7pm?


  2. ana Says:

    June 13 is a wednesday not a Tuesday!


  3. Rima Avellan Says:

    Ooops, June 12!


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