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July 19, 2010

As of tomorrow, everybody start decreasing your carbs by 25 grams!!!

DAY 79 of 12-week challenge!

July 19, 2010


Some info about the photoshoot Sunday, July 25th:

Hair – Sporty.  You can get your hair done on your own or use one of the stylists that will be on the set that day.

Make-up – There will be a couple of make-up artists there that day to do make-up and touch-ups.  They are familiar with make-up for this type of thing so please use them!!

Attire – Sporty.  I have a list of what I want each girl to wear and I will be posting that tomorrow.  I am still finalizing the poses.  In short, the clothing will consist of either black fitness pants or black shorts/booty shorts and a bootcamp tank top.  Some of the tank tops will be cut below the chest to look like a sports bra.  We will supply the tank tops that day!  For shoes, it will depend on the pose, so I will include footwear info in tomorrow’s list also.

Time – All day event!  I am waiting to hear from the photographer to see if we can establish some sort of a schedule so you are not all waiting around the gym all day.

Location – The photoshoot will take place at 2 locations – FFA and Porky’s on Coral Way, depending on your pose.  We will be starting at Porky’s and then working our way to FFA.

Keep you posted!!