BOOTCAMP BBQ, Saturday, May 17!!!



We have a special event planned for the Saturday, May 17! 
We are having a BOOTCAMP GET-TOGETHER at Crandon Park Saturday, May 17 at 12pm!
We rented out a shelter and will be serving up a barbecue right by the beach in the beautiful Crandon Park!

All the Bootcamp members and their families are invited!  There is no charge except for a $5 parking fee,
but the contribution of food and/or drinks is neccesary!   LOL!!!

Below you will see a checklist of items needed…bare necessities to have a good time  🙂    
**Please make sure to drop a comment on the thread to claim what you will be contributing, whether it is on  the list or not.**

It is very easy to get to the park, you can the directions, here is the address:
4000 Crandon Boulevard , Key Biscayne , Florida 33149

We are at Shelter #7, is it at NORTH BEACH.  We are meeting at 12pm and staying to about 4pm.  If you have any questions, feel free to as any of the staff for more details or email us at

Thanks everyone!  Hope to see you there!

matching buns
paper plates
sodas (cans only)
water bottles
cheese slices
lighter fluid (matches) stuff to clean the grills
2 coolers
soccer ball
boom box (music!)


Rima, Lorraine & the rest of the bootcamp gang!

26 Responses to “BOOTCAMP BBQ, Saturday, May 17!!!”

  1. Rima Avellan Says:

    LADIES, I will bring the hamburgers, their buns and the soda!
    Any preferences?

    BY THE WAY….That day is your CHEAT DAY!!!


  2. Kim Nguyen Says:

    I’ll bring the lighter fluid and matches and some sort of appetizer platter. Looking forward to it!


  3. Lili Hernandez Says:

    First of all, this blog is freakin’ COOL! Great idea Rima …

    I’ll bring a volleyball and some veggie burgers for the tree-huggers like me (lol) … I’m also thinking some Smirnoff Light. I’ve been meaning to try those!

    See you soon ;0)


  4. Rima Avellan Says:

    Hahahahahahaha! I’m loving the sound of Smirnoff……………..LIGHT!!!!
    Can’t wait! Ladies, incentive to work out harder!!!!
    Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Evelyn Arguello Says:


  6. Evelyn Arguello Says:

    I DJ Evelyn will bring the Boom Box and my Ipod that has over 4,000 song, that I know everyone will just love and it will take them back in time 😀

    I will also bring Colombiana Soda.

    take care and God bless.


  7. Terry Villazon Says:

    Miss Rima… I will bring a box of 12 TURKEY burgers and buns… so all the girls can stay in GREAT shape after the bbq.

    Come on …. Let’s have fun… It’s easy

    Love — TV


  8. Angela Alvarado Says:

    Heck yeah I think we’ll have a great time!!
    I got the Ice, 1 big Cooler, paper plates and napkins.

    Oh and my running shoes, I must have an early jog before stuffing my face, so I won’t feel that baad =\


  9. Jacke "Gee" Says:

    Hey my girls! I will be bringing the hot dogs and buns….unfortunately they will not be lowfat but definitely kosher….love ya!


  10. Jacke "Gee" Says:

    I’m bringing the hot dogs and buns! Unfortunately they will not be low fat but they will be kosher…..LOL! love ya!


  11. Mia Cousins Says:

    Hey ladies! I will bring: ketchup, mustard, and some cheese slices.


  12. Lillie Sabogal Says:

    We will bring a case of water bottles and/or soda cans. Will let you know for sure which by tomorrow. Probably water though. Count us in for my husband, two little ones and me – Yay! Good idea. I need the tan! Lillie


  13. Dayana Garcia Says:

    I can’t wait! I’ll bring guacamole…you have to try it on a burger!…and a big potato salad, some drinks…and my family of 4 :). See you there!


  14. Johanna Vila Says:


    I will definitely try to make it but I can’t guarantee 😦
    It’s also my nephews B-day and if I don’t attend my sis will kill me! I’m gonna try and sneak out though!!!!! I can’t commit to bring anything since it’s not a for-sure thing. But if I go I’ll make sure to take something!

    By the way…I love this new Blog thingy!!!!!


  15. Faresha Avila Says:

    Hi there I will bring the baked lays chips.


  16. Christine Alvarez Says:

    I will bring some iced tea, some sort of healthy alcoholic beverage (Yea, I’ll need luck with that), a football, and some chips or munchies. I cant wait for this BBQ!


  17. Alexis Zaldivar Says:

    hey fellow bootcampers!

    i cant wait for the BBQ!!!!!!! 🙂 so i plan to bring ice, chips and dip, and some bottled water. i will be attending with a friend and the newest edition to my familia bailey the beagle.


  18. Grettel Martinez Says:

    Hey ladies! Well, it seems that people are bringing a lot of food and drinks. Is there anything else I can bring other than my hubby? =) Let me know. Can’t wait!


  19. Nancy Martinez (Cruz) Says:

    Hi there ladies,
    I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the BBQ.
    I will bring some more turkey hamburgers, their buns, water, and maybe some more chips and deeps.
    I you need me to bring something else, please let me know.
    See you all!!!!


  20. Dezy Says:

    I’ll bring my loud ass!!! lol….jk ladies, ill bring chocalate cake!!! the fattening kind! wink wink….you dont have to eat but it’ll be there! no jk…i dont know, since it looks like everyone has everything covered…uuummmm i dont know whats miising, ill try a bring a fat free desert! yay!!


  21. Suzy Says:

    What’s up Girls!!! I’m probably going so I will bring the COLD beer and Firecracker Zareda is bringing cupcakes.


  22. Grettel Martinez Says:

    Ok, I’ll bring chicken thighs and wings and barbecue sauce (sorry, but barbecue sauce doesn’t really go with lean chicken breasts). I’m sure we’ll burn the calories off. YEAH!


  23. Barby :) Says:

    Heyyyyyy I’ll take one of those baked chips variety pack thingys 🙂



  24. Nicole Says:

    Hi Ladies…

    I will bring paper plates, Napkins, & Soda!!!


  25. 1~Jira B. Says:

    My lovely ladies … I won’t be able to make it .. I will be out of town… BUT… I will bring the bestest thing of them alll…. What’s that you ask…..MY LOVE of course!!!! Come on now… A bag of potato chips: $1.99 …. 3 liters of Soda: $3.95….. The abundant love of WANJIRA…… PRICLESSSSS!!!! You already know! Have fun for me ladies!! Smoooches 🙂


  26. Angela Alvarado Says:

    Ladiies, I feel horrible I did not make it. I see I missed out on a lot of fun – but hopefully their will be a next time.
    Luv ya ladiies


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